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Greg Twentyman

Cartoon Physics Demo

Cartoon physics demo screenshot

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As a project for our Virtual Environments class, my friend Jay Li and I created a demo of our notion of "cartoon physics". We had many ideas on what a world run by the same logic as Saturday morning cartoons might look like and were able to implement a few. We wanted the player character to be bouncy and have a deformable body that could stretch and contract. We implemented this as a mass-spring-damper system. We gave our character an almost ghostly image of itself following in its wake, appearing more visible with speed. We decided that our world should have inconsistent gravity and that this should have an impact on our character's deformable body. In the screenshot below, the green area has a lower force of gravity and the red area has a stronger force of gravity. Finally, we added the ability to shape the terrain.

'a' and 'd' are for left and right movement
'r' will reset the player's position to the spawn

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Known bugs: