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Greg Twentyman

LD23: Home is where the robots are.

Home is where the robots are

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It's robot mating season once again and the robots are flocking to your tiny world with your tiny house on it. You've put your laser proof viking helm on so it's time to headbutt these jerks off your land!

Space is to headbutt
The arrow keys are for movement

Note: The game takes shape once you get a score of ~10.

I made this game for the Ludum Dare game development competition. The theme for this event was "Tiny World" and I had 48 hours to make it. I used Java with the LWJGL for the coding and Inkscape for the art. Time was short so I was forced to severely slash the scope. Rapid changes resulted in sloppy code, a few fixes made were quick fixes that have no place in a real game, and a few game features started off as bugs. Despite all of this I had an AMAZING weekend, learned a ton, and came out with a game that is pretty fun if not exploited. Congrats to all the developers who contributed to the 1400+ games over the weekend!

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Known bugs: