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Greg Twentyman

Procedural Modeling of Porous Structures Thesis

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As the topic of my Masters of Computer Science thesis at Carleton University, I studied procedural modeling of porous structures. Below I've included the abstract to the work.


The objective of our research was to create a way of generating 3D porous structures that would mimic porous structures found in nature. We presented a review of the previous work creating similar structures. We have created an algorithm to generate porous structures from a provided surface, resulting in a porous version of that surface. We present features which can be used to further stylize these structures. We have also presented patterns which will create and arrange porous structures in a complex way with minimal input. Our work results in a significant time savings for a artists creating these structures. Results from our work are able to closely match some of the motivating material and provide features that are unavailable using other methods.

Details can be found in the thesis which will be attached in the near future.

PDF coming soon!